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What is Seventh Circle?

Good question. To put it simply, Seventh Circle is a serialized story I've been working on for several years as a standalone sequel to Erogrendel. But Seventh Circle is unique in its format: unlike serialized novels of the past such as Dune or The Phantom of the OperaSeventh Circle is not meant to encompass a novel-length story in several parts; rather, this new format I hope to one day pioneer would involve weekly "episodes" consisting of roughly 5,000 words each, collected into "seasons" of around 25 episodes, separated by a few-month break. Although each season would amount to roughly the length of a novel (and will be published in an omnibus form), they wouldn't be novels per se: each episode would include a recap and a new establishing of plotline, closer to an episode of TV than a chapter in a book. In fact, the entire format is similar to that of a TV show, what with the season/episode structure.

Starting with episode two on June 7, 2024, season one of Seventh Circle will be releasing consistently, rounding out in December. The first omnibus edition will be available for purchase in April 2025, and season two will begin in summer of that year. Weekly issues of Seventh Circle will be available to Patrons on all tiers of my Patreon, but for those non-Patrons, each issue will be available to buy in PDF format at the lowest price Patreon will allow. For the $10 tier and above, a physical copy of the omnibus will be sent out every April.

Oh and – no, you don't have to have read Erogrendel to understand Seventh Circle. All you need to know is that Seventh Circle was a low-level nonprofit paranormal investigation agency in Boston, and that during the events of'll see.

TL;DR – Imagine the Scooby-Doo kids are thrown into the universe of The X-Files and have to find the truths of the paranormal while struggling to pay rent.

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